Mixtape Love Notes

A quirky and lovable married couple having real conversations about love, life, parenting, personalities, and everything in-between. Coming at you with laughter and genuine respect for one another as we tackle the topics that keep us from finding a deeper more fulfilled relationship with one another. Mixtape Love Notes brings you into the fold of a real couple just trying to be the best we can be, and bring a little bit of sweet jams into the mix.


Meet The Coles

Kimberly Cole

Wife to the handsome Kyle d Cole and mama to two crazy boys – the big and the little. Our house is loud – ALL. THE. TIME. I have a deep passion for marriage and understanding how to love your partner well. I enjoy learning about personality types and applying them to better understand the people around me. I am a stay at home mama, raising these boys to be good humans. I am a renaissance woman {as Kyle would call it} because I work lots of odd jobs part time – from hair, to production, to optometry, to admin work… and I love it! Excited to be hanging out with my favorite person talking about one of my favorite topics. Thanks for tuning in! <3

Kyle D Cole

I love my Jesus, my wife, my sons, my family, my job, and my cat (in that order). I love diligently, certainly too much before meeting Kimberly. Relying more on logic than on heart, my love is the one blatantly irrational thing I have. Most of what fascinates and terrifies me about this world is the people in it, unpredictable and messy as we all are and I love to hear people talk about their experiences and lives. Being an introvert, I often say that “I love persons, but I can’t stand people.”

My job is my life outside of my family and I do that well and often. In our spare time, however, we enjoy making this podcast for you to hear, thanks for listening!